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Maharath provides the best in the industry personal bouncer services for event and special bodyguard services to the top private and public sector clients from all over India.

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Now you can hire Personal Services Bouncer for any private or public event. Maharath offers best professional bouncer services for event. We also provide Special Bodyguard Services to various clients in Mumbai and across India

Personnel screening recruitment and computerized data with photographs:-

M.D.S. GROUP screens the security personnel before appointment. Our procedure is undertake complete local and native place address including and photograph of the individual.

The personnel whom we employ are generally from the armed forces or with enough experience in security guard services in India<. We recruit them after careful background screening.

The personnel after selection undergoes a fortnightly introductory by our ex-service training at our training center in industrial security, first aid, fire fighting to ensure that our esteemed client have complete satisfaction. We also give the refresher-training course as and when required to our security personnel.

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We organize in house training programmer educational for security, safety, fire fighting to personnel’s from time to time, we also send our faculty members for organizing training programmer for our reputed as per their requirement on hourly basis, for department.

We also provide training for safety / fire fighting personnel trained / red helmet /fireproof suit /safety shoes etc.

M.D.S.GROUP undertakes surprise checks including night rounds. Our mobile van with trained officers will always be on rounds.

On the basis of recommendations of our special squad, we prepare the security report with suggestion or confidential information for our honorable client. Maharath provides Best security services In Navi Mumbai

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Our security staff is immaculately dressed in proper uniform with black leather belts, black leather shoes and identity cards with photographs. We provide the Best Security Services in Navi Mumbai. Our guards are equipped with baton. We are providing raincoats, gumboots umbrellas as monsoon wear and cardigans during winter season. The client should be provided essential tool required for the normal working of the security.

In order to avoid undue familiarity and acquaintances M.D.S. GROUP rotates its personnel as on required basis. If the client is not satisfied with any security personnel, merely a phone call will be sufficient to transfer him with in twenty four hours, however we reserve the right to charges our staff from premises of the clients and when found necessary.

We extended our service to all our client round the clock from our control room. We provide all service from there to meet any emergency / special service, mobile petrol service, and 24 hrs. We have a fleet of vehicle with latest telecommunication system E mail / Facsimile / mobile phone with security team and commanding officer at all branches.

M.D.S.GROUP firmly believes that contingency planning requires a lot of study. The disaster planning is carried out interns of threat {natural / Manmade} adequate though in team of standard operating procedures being worked out implemented and monitored.

Bodyguard Services in Mumbai

a.} Human risk e.g. dishonesty, theft, frauds, terrorism etc.
b.} Physical or technical risk e.g. fires explosion, environmental failure, equipment failure And other like wise incidents.

We provide high quality bouncer services for various event, functions and businesses in Mumbai, India.

M.D.S. GROUP has not given any chance for any communication gas and has its round control room with mobile, pager, fax, and telephone answering MACHINE.
M.D.S. GROUP is prominently listed in yellow pages display the advertisement and commercial and industrial guide and micro chrome in case clients miss out telephone numbers.

We have been providing the best Bodyguard Services to famous personalities around India. We provide expert, matured, trained bodyguards with weapon having knowledge of driving any where in the world for airport service. We also provide safety panel / bulletproof jacket / bullet proof V I P CARS. It ensures safety of valuable human life, being an American company.

We have a high number of female security officer working with us. As special arrangement at business houses, industrial organization, corporate bodies wherever it is required, we provide female security staff, female security bodyguards / female driver specially for female executive, who knows driving / material art / self defense / executive protection with latest equipment. They are well mannered and are in wear proper uniform as per their requirement.

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We are providing special commando services as and when required industrial organization / business houses to meet any emergency / gheraos / strike in any part of country in any part of the country in critical situation with professional expert trained / ex-serviceman / Para military force / expert team of material art commando on short team and long team basis.

We have been in private investigation business in since 1990. our team comprises of highly motivated skilled experienced and dedicated investigation that are mostly EX C.B.I. officers, C.I.D. police, military officer and other officer with immerge experience in investigation who are trained in surveillance techniques, photographs, observation skill and skill and under cover operation are always well equipped with all necessary equipments.
We do all type of detective work / investigation like personnel, commercial, corporate industrial disputes, background check on future spouses etc., infringements trademark insurance claim surveillance, under cover with photography, video evidence and documentary proof valid in the court of law. We are also providing handwriting opinion fingerprint that is very useful for insurance claim, nominee’s power of attorney, banks practice and others.
The reputed organization always look forward to such agencies that provide security professional team, fire fighting expert, secret services, investigation services, allied services and much more.
We are at your service with all the skill. Do not feel hesitated for contacting us at any time. We will be very happy to provide you information as per your requirement. We also undertake cases of detective investigation, frauds, verification, missing persons etc. Any where on globe.

It should be please noted that you shall not engage any of our employees without prior intimation and for this; we shall charge you six monthly total payment of concerned employees.

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We shall be billing the client on the 2nd of every month and any less / extra duties actually performed will be adjusted in the subsequent month bill for ensuring timely payments to our cheques should be released with in maximum seven days of submission of our bills.
In case our cheques are not released with in the stipulated time, we shall be leaving 18 % interest P.A. on our total bills and arrears if the clients, cheques are dishonored. We retain the discretion to terminate the contact forth with without assigning any further reasons.

The client shall not deduct any amount from monthly bills arbitrarily and without our prior concurrence, except TDS, prior to short of deduction, the client has to send a written intimation to the official letterhead, the amount can be deducted.

Normally the contract is valid for the specified period the strength of security personnel can be reduced / increased only after mutual discussion during the contractual period the contract is valid for a period of one year. If the client desires to terminate the contract during the tenure of the contract, he may do so by giving us one month prior notice or one months notice payment in lieu.

We shall without our guarding personnel after clearance of our full and final duties against demands draft only plus one-month notice charges. If we do not receive the contract termination latter at least a month prior to our contract expiry date. The contract shall automatically stand renewed for a further prior of one year.

Security Agency in Navi Mumbai

This clause is applicable to the clients within Mumbai and thane jurisdiction only. Owing to our exemption, the security guards board for greater Mumbai and thane district governs the payments to the security personnel of this company.
Whenever the payment rate authorized to the security personnel are increased by the board, the increased difference shall stand applicable to our clients. The amount equivalent to increased wages and service discharges as applicable on those rates will to e borne to the client.
Any other information not covered above can be discussed. We trust you will find the above in orders, should you require any more information, please feel to write / contract us.
Assuring you our best services and looking forward for a long-term association.

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